It all started in July of 2002 in Boulder, Colorado, when George Boedecker, Scott Seamans and Duke Hanson decided to introduce on the market the unique shoes designed and produced by Creations Piana, Inc. The shoes were originally designed to walk on boats (due to their anti-slippery characteristics and non-marking soles); nevertheless, in November 2002, Crocs ™ introduced its first beach model during the Florida Boat Show; the entire stock was sold in two days. Sales started for good in 2003, and Crocs became a widely recognized and popular brand of convenient and fashionable shoes. Today, Crocs shoes are available worldwide, and despite its quick success, the company has remained attached to the basic values of making shoes that are light, anti-slippery, fashionable and functional, made quickly and at affordable prices.

The advantages of Crocs shoes include their unusual, almost cosmic look, a great variety of colours, but most of all, the fact that they are both comfortable and multi-functional. They are made of PCCR (proprietary closed cell resin), which makes them fit perfectly well. Apart from that, they feature many great qualities, such as getting warm to make a perfect fit, being ultra light (one pair of Crocs Cayman shoes weighs about 160 grams), being designed as orthopaedic shoes, healthy for the feet and the spine, durable and very easy to clean (with soap and water). Moreover, they are antibacterial (thanks to silver content) and they produce no unpleasant odour, they are anti-slippery and do not leave marks on the floor.

Crocs shoes are made of croslite material. It is an exceptional type of closed cell resin, which has caused a revolution on the shoes market. Croslite allows for production of light, comfortable, ergonomic, bacteria-resistant shoes, which do not absorb odours and which can be recycled. Thanks to its unique features, these shoes are perfect for formal occasions, for business and recreational use.

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