Geox group started its commercial and industrial activity in the 1990s, and in several years it became one of the biggest players on the Italian and international shoes and clothing market.

The Group actively creates, produces, promotes and distributes shoes, which is distinguished by their innovative character.

Its activity is aimed most of all at improvement of technical solutions that warrant breathability and water resistance of materials.

Innovative potential of Geox has been proven by more than 60 different patents registered in Italy and extended to the international market - their aim is to design and develop a sole containing a unique membrane, which is water vapour permeable and yet water resistant, which warrants breathability of the rubber sole and water resistance of the leather sole.

Geox group operates in the sector of classic and sports shoes, as well as women's, men's and children's clothing in the medium to premium pricing range. Geox is a family brand, which offers a broad range of family products. Each of these is characterized by inventiveness, comfort and style that reflects the most recent trends in fashion.


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