Giacomo Conti is a dynamically developing Polish brand established in the year 2006, having a leading position in the men’s fashion industry. Giacomo Conti men’s fashion stores provide clothing to men who value high quality and timeless elegance. Our suits, jackets, ties and accessories changing the Polish streets and business reality to be turned into the most fashionable places of Milan. Our brand is the result of many years hard work on consumers sense of style, quality and product design . From year to year we extend the assortment , reach out to a wider group of consumers, satisfy both amateurs classic clothes and also aficionados modern elegance. Global trends and the best quality fabrics create three lines of clothing branded Giacomo Conti:

Business - Casual – Wedding.



We believe that in business the most important is timeless classic and the best quality of fabrics. The finish details like quilting, lining and cuffs add the prestige for products.



Casual Collection is the synergy of distinctive design, elegance and high quality fabrics. Authentic, with the classic rules, sometimes brave and a little arrogant – with love for colors and Italian design lightness.



Sophisticated wool suits, fashionable suits in tuxedo style, luxurious tuxedos and classic frock coats, snow-white shirts, ties, bow-ties, cufflinks cuff - sales results from last five years confirm that we are the leader on wedding market. Our offer is becoming more diverse each year. We successfully bring new products on market suggested of customers review.

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