Kup klocki.pl is a store for big and small LEGO® fans.

Anyone eager to develop their creativity, imagination and manual skills while having fun can find a wide assortment of LEGO® blocks at our store.

From LEGO® DUPLO for the youngest kids, through LEGO® Juniors, Friends,Elves, City, Classic, Ninjago, Creator ,Star Wars, Technic for those a little older.

Architecture lovers and those who prefer the Premium collection will also find something for themselves here.

Kup Klocki.pl also offers a wide range of products based on a LEGO® license: watches, alarm clocks, key rings, torches, bedclothes, and - most of all - for those who love fashion and care about great quality, a vast collection of LEGO®WEAR clothing for girls and boys aged 1 to 12 years.



fun, because it inspires you with beautiful colours, eye-catching designs and graphic components that make references to the world of LEGO® toys.

functionality, because it proposes creative solutions made of individual components to motivate the child and initiate the process of “I’ll do it myself”.

quality, because we care even for the tiniest details - from fabrics to buttons and zip fasteners, to make sure our clothes are fit for playing, everyday use and intensive washing.

comfort, because we offer a complete collection of clothes, in which your children will enjoy “freedom of movement”.

We warrant great fun and the highest quality!

According to the motto of LEGO®, “only the best is good enough”.

See you at our stores!

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