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We are a dynamically developing outdoor company. Our stores feature clothing equipped with state-of-the-art technology, durable and comfortable shoes, as well as many accessories and gadgets. The qualified TRESPASS team will provide you with the entire range of products for yourself and your ENTIRE family - no matter what kind of activity you have chosen. Coming to our store, you will find a broad range of clothing for every occasion: GOING TO THE MOUNTAINS, TO THE SEASIDE OR HAVING A PICNIC AT THE OUTSKIRTS OF THE CITY.

We believe that every day, we deliver products of the highest quality at an unbeatable price. Visiting us regularly, you will surely enjoy our broad product range, available through all seasons of the year.

Trespass is an independent brand, created in 1984 in Glasgow. We specialise in recreation and sports clothing and accessories.

We offer products for active sports lovers - from bathing suits and fitness outfits, to high-performance products for enthusiasts of outdoor and winter sports.

Trespass is a perfect choice for those who like to travel, hike in the mountains, enjoy the seaside, no matter if the weather is rainy or sunny. Trespass store is for trekking lovers, tourists, cyclists, runners, skiers and snowboarders, searching for products of high quality.

You will meet a friendly team here, who will surely help you and advise on the best choice of whatever products you need.


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